Buch: “there is no reason to think that we are not going to face the payments”


The Minister of Economy, Industry, and Commerce, Máximo Buch, has assured this Thursday that “there is no reason to think that Spain is not going to face its payments, both the central government and the autonomous communities because it is the same”. “Spain is Spain”, he highlighted.

Buch has made these statements to the media before participating in a working lunch organized by the Valencian Association of Businessmen (AVE), asked about the reduction of the long and short-term ‘ratings’ of the Comunitat Valenciana by the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S & P).

The owner of Economy has indicated that from the Consell they will elaborate a report in which they will explain that they do not agree on the two reasons alleged by S & P for the reduction. The first one pointed out by the rating agency refers to the Generalitat’s difficulties in dealing with its payments.

However, the minister has denied that it is true because, as he recalled, both the Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos and the Treasury, Cristóbal Montoro, “have said repeatedly that they will not drop any community, that all will have the central administration. ”

Regarding the opinion of S & P that the Consell could not meet its budgetary objectives, Buch has indicated that it is “a question of numbers”. “We are going to present numbers and projections and adopt new measures in the bedroom,” he said, since he pointed out that if the fall of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is higher than expected “you have to have some additional measure of saving to counteract ”

The councilor has stressed that the Valencia Region will “meet the deficit targets we are marked,” because it is something “fundamental to the credibility of Spain and to move forward.” Likewise, he has said that they will work so that the agencies raise the qualification “and do justice to this community”.

Máximo Buch has referred to the ICO loans “that are already vehicled”, to the measures for payments to suppliers and to the ‘hispanobonos’, which are “the substitutes of those of the Generalitat and of the other autonomous communities, and that they emit at a much lower price” – basics missinglinkconnections.com/41-non-phone-work-from-home-jobs-open-now Missinglinkconnections.

For his part, the president of the Valencian Business Association (AVE), Vicente Boluda, who has also attended the media, has said he does not believe “at all” in the rating societies.

“I do not know who watches them, I do not know who controls them and I do not know who forms them, with what they can tell me that they have turned into yellow or navy blue,” he pointed out. “Is that rating agency the same one that gave the triple-A to Lehman Brothers one month before it went bankrupt?” Asked Boluda.



Boluda has pointed out that “after the cuts and adjustments, the economy has to be re-launched,” and he stressed that the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce “is the one that has to direct all this reactivation.”

Inquired if he believes that a policy of cuts can be applied, pay suppliers and the same money take measures to boost the economy, the president of the AVE has pointed out that “many measures are not economic”.

In his opinion, “other types of measures are much more important to encourage, to help and to facilitate that economically translated are not important, they have no cost”, but they require “a lot of will”.

For his part, Buch stressed that “who has to promote initiatives and guide where the Valencian economy should go is a civil society”, while the administration should be “facilitators and supporters of that path that society indicates “